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Femme Fitness has made a sensational debut into the health and fitness arena and created a mark for itself since its inception about 3 years back. Developed and nurtured with a focus to bring fitness at your doorstep; with its nascent steps and miniscule members, Femme made a humble beginning within a huge gated community in Hyderabad. It was focussed on ensuring physical fitness for its members by having an opportunity to coach, assist and help them bring positive lifestyle changes in their routines. The primary focus of Femme was to tap that section of the society which often neglected their own fitness needs on account of family responsibilities. The challenge was to create an attractive regime which tempted them to be back to the class every time and time to time. Femme has successfully broken the mould around routine work outs which can get monotonous and set a new legacy in the line of fitness work outs that are fun, innovative and make you compete with yourself. It has also set a mark in making women aware of self needs around strength.



Hard Work






Femme shot to fame within no time and has now spread its wings around fitness for all – across gender, age groups and beyond the boundaries of the community it saw the light of the day. Operating within multiple communities and imparting fitness excellence to various online and virtual clients while working on their early journey into corporate fitness training, Femme’s founder members are continuously engaged to make the fitness journey more exciting and enjoyable for each of its members and cater to their needs in an effective manner. Mission statement - To work towards a healthier future for one and all by ensuring easily accessible fitness solutions within your reach. We are committed to make fitness a part of your lifestyle!

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Why Femmefitness?

To work towards a healthier future for one and all by ensuring easily accessible fitness solutions within your reach.

At FemmeFitness, we are committed to make fitness a part of your lifestyle!

“FemmeFitness - Your Ultimate Fitness Destination”

- Sunita Sharma (Founder, FemmeFitness)

Sunita Sharma A self-motivated fitness enthusiast, a learned health expert, a leader par excellence and a role model to many – sums up Sunita - the iron lady with dreams of steel. She had it perceived all in her mind and relayed it to reality in small but firm steps successfully and hence came FEMME FITNESS into existence and saw its journey to fame. Enthusiastic about creating a fitter society by ensuring fit and healthy women groups – she took on the challenge to push women out of their comfort zone and make them commit on fitness as their priority. Looking back – she thinks the most challenging part has been to keep her clients engaged and bring them back again and again for regular work outs regimes and voila – she has made a mark in it.

Sunita – an ACE certified fitness professional, a certified Nutrition Coach with strength and conditioning certification underway, believes that variety plays an integral part in fitness routines. She has diligently and extensively worked on this aspect to ensure her success in group fitness programs, fitness boot camps, health awareness programs and many more.

Team Femme Fitness

Femme houses a team of fitness professionals who are committed to the cause of fitness and to ensure the wellbeing of its clients. They coach, mentor, and provide nutrition consultation to group fitness, virtual and online clients. The team’s motto has been to ensure positive member experience and self-realization towards one’s fitness. The team thrives to work towards the progress of our clients & help them to achieve their individual fitness goals be it cardiorespiratory fitness, strength & conditioning, weight loss or just general fitness.

  • Weight loss / weight maintenance
  • Group Fitness classes
  • Kids Fitness
  • Zumba / Dance Fitness
  • Personal Training
  • Virtual / Online Training
  • Corporate Training
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Customized body strengthening plans/regimes

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5 Exercise Myths that will shock you

January 1, 2016 in Fitness Blog

Myth #1 - When you stop exercising, you gain weight
Exercise + Improved Metabolic Rate = Power to burn calories
A lot of people believe that you gain weight when you stop your workouts. However, what they are unaware of is the fact that exercise improves the metabolic rate which in turn helps burn calories. And the power to burn calories depends on the number of mitochondria in your cells. However when you quit exercise, your metabolic rate gradually decreases leading to reduction in the number of mitochondria and ...

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How to loose the Postpartum fat?

January 1, 2016 in Fitness Blog

One of the most discussed topics in new mothers is how to get rid of the postpartum fat.
Pregnancy is all about motherhood and nurturing the little life that’s growing up inside you that you forget ...

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How to overcome the weekend binging guilt?

January 1, 2016 in Fitness Blog

How to overcome the weekend binging guilt?
Binge eating happens when you deprive yourself of foods you love to eat. Crash diets, weight watchers, calorie counters, they all suggest you to stay away from high calorie food and high fatty, high in sugar foods that you love to eat.
28 year old Mamta, an IT professional confesses, “I love to eat cakes however due to my weight I can't, however, someday, my body will protest and I will binge...binge and binge.....and......there goes all my efforts of weight loss down the drain....sigh!!!!”

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